Local-first. Electrified.

You develop local-first apps. We provide the cloud sync. Without changing your
database or your code.

Local-first apps

Develop apps that feel instant, work offline, are highly resilient and privacy respecting.

Active cloud-sync

Realtime, low-latency, conflict-free, active-active replication with reactivity, durability and integrity.

Turnkey service

Integrates with standard, open-source SQLite and Postgres via
existing drivers and frameworks.

How it works

Database on the device
Sync via the cloud

ElectricSQL adds active-active replication and reactive queries to SQLite.

What it's for

Mobile, web and edge

ElectricSQL integrates with existing app frameworks and SQLite drivers.

Next steps

Take ElectricSQL for a spin, see how to integrate and use it
or learn more about how it works.