Example applications are currently available on GitHub to clone and run locally. See the subfolders in the electric-sql/examples repo.


See the Quickstart example. This accompanies the Quickstart guide in the documentation and is a great way to dive into electrifying your first local app.


See the Web example. This demonstrates using ElectricSQL with SQL.js and absurd-sql for persistent, named database access in the browser, electrified with active-active replication.

You can also see the web-wa-sqlite example for the same app using the excellent rhashimoto/wa-sqlite SQLite WASM build. This supports the high performance Origin Private File System where available and avoids the web worker machinery that complicates and slows down the absurd-sql setup.

React Native

See the Expo example. This demonstrates using ElectricSQL with Expo and the expo-sqlite adapter. Or for vanilla React Native, see the React Native example using ElectricSQL with the react-native-sqlite-storage adapter.

Running the local React Native demo.