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Running the examples

Source code for the example applications is in electric-sql/examples. Each application has a that you can follow, with the primary steps as follows:

Install dependencies:


Run the backend services (Postgres + Electric):

yarn backend:start

Apply database migrations:

yarn db:migrate

Use the database schema to generate your type-safe Client:

yarn client:generate

(Or yarn client:watch to monitor for database schema changes and auto-generate the client whenever the schema changes.)

Start the app:

yarn start

Running your own Postgres

yarn backend:start uses Docker Compose to start a connected Postgres and Electric. To run the Electric sync service on top of an existing Postgres instead, make sure that:

  • your Postgres is up and running and configured with wal_level = 'logical'
  • you don't already have a publication called postgres_1
  • you have a database user with adequate permissions -- the simplest being SUPERUSER

Running the sync service

Instead of yarn backend:start, run:

DATABASE_URL="postgresql://..." yarn electric:start

Setting the DATABASE_URL value to the connection string to your database, in the format postgresql://user:pass@host:port/database. This database URL will be used by the Electric service that runs within Docker to connect to your Postgres database.


If your Postgres database runs on the host machine, you may need to provide host.docker.internal as the hostname.

Then, prefix the db:migrate command with the same DATABASE_URL:

DATABASE_URL="postgresql://..." yarn db:migrate

Note that this time, the database URL is used by the migration script (not running in Docker), so there's no need to use host.docker.internal.

Postgres <-> Electric interactions

The Electric sync service connects to Postgres using the DATABASE_URL environment variable. Postgres connects to Electric to consume a logical replication publication using the LOGICAL_PUBLISHER_HOST (and LOGICAL_PUBLISHER_PORT) environment variables:

Postgres | | Electric

With the yarn electric:start script, LOGICAL_PUBLISHER_HOST defaults to localhost. If your sync service is running on a different host, you may need to change this. Either by patching the ./backend/startElectric.js script, or by just running the Electric sync service directly using the docker run command shown in API -> Sync service.