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Become a design partner

We work with design partners to build local-first applications on the ElectricSQL platform.

You must have a Postgres-backed system and a business need to build instantly responsive, realtime multi-user, offline-capable apps. You must also be willing to engage in the process and provide design feedback.

We'll invest development time, prioritise our roadmap to meet your requirements and work with you to help craft an optimal local-first experience for your users.

Apply below

Anurag Goel

Founder - Render

ElectricSQL is a great choice for a local-first sync layer that you can run anywhere yourself.

Johannes Schickling

Founder - Prisma

I’m very impressed with ElectricSQL’s approach to sync and their thoughtful API design.

José Valim

Creator - Elixir

ElectricSQL brings the full power of the Erlang VM to local-first software development.