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Marc, Valter and Annette discussing what to have for lunch.

Join the ElectricSQL team

We're a small, technical, multi-disciplinary team that's passionate about our product, our culture and generally about developer experience and database engineering. We work remote-first, on European time, with a four day week.

Active roles

Sorry, there are no active jobs at this time. Please do still feel free to get in touch and definitely do please join the community. We'd love to hear from you and we're very likely to be hiring in the near future!


We're a Seed-stage, VC-backed company. We're early, inventing a new paradigm, not executing a standard operating plan. Join us for freedom, responsibility and a broad remit, with major upside and growth potential.


4 day week. Flexible hours. Work-life balance -- no fetishisation of working late. 25 days holiday + public holidays. Equipment of your choice. Mandate to contribute to open source.


Send an email to, with profile links or a CV, as you prefer. Explain in the email why you're interested in working with us. The first step is a 45 minute introductory chat. After that, the process is personalised but we strive to keep it as efficient as possible and move swiftly to an offer.


We're a remote-first team but we try to organise on-sites to coincide with new starters joining. So far places we've met up in include Dublin, Istanbul, Istria, Lisbon, Munich, Paris, Stockholm and Zagreb. We use Slab as a knowledge base, Linear for project management and GitHub for collaborative development.