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ElectricSQL is an open-source platform. You can get a lot of help from the community and by talking to us on Discord.

If you need additional help and support with building a local-first application on Electric you can work with us as a design partner. If you're interested in integrating Electric into your platform, you can work with us as a platform partner.

Become a Design Partner

We have capacity to work with a small number of selected design partners to build local-first applications on the ElectricSQL platform.

When working with you as a design partner, we'll invest development time and prioritise our roadmap to help meet your requirements. And generally collaborate to help craft an optimal local-first application for your users.

We've been chatting with the ElectricSQL team for a few weeks, super responsive and open to adapting to our use case Gregorio Zanon

If you're interested in becoming a design partner and collaborating with us on your application development, let us know by filling out the form below.

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Become a Platform Partner

If you operate an application hosting or development platform, you can integrate ElectricSQL as a local-first sync layer. Either to provide local-first sync as a service. Or to add local-first superpowers to the app on your platform.

If you're interested in exploring this, get in touch and we can collaborate on feasibility, technical integration and on operationalising the service.

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Anurag Goel

Founder - Render

ElectricSQL is a great choice for a local-first sync layer that you can run anywhere yourself.

Johannes Schickling

Founder - Prisma

I’m very impressed with ElectricSQL’s approach to sync and their thoughtful API design.

José Valim

Creator - Elixir

ElectricSQL brings the full power of the Erlang VM to local-first software development.