ElectricSQL Documentations

ElectricSQL is a local-first SQL system that adds active-active replication and reactive queries to SQLite. Use it to make local-first apps that feel instant and work offline.

Get started

Sign up for an account and then start with either our technical intro for an overview of how the system works, or go straight for the code with our quickstart.

Usage guides

ElectricSQL integrates with the standard drivers for SQLite in a range of environments and provides a reactive programming model to bind components to live database queries. See the guides on installation, configuration, auth, migrations, reactivity and replication for more info.


We currently support drivers for the following environments:


We currently support the following reactive component and ORM frameworks:

You should also be able to integrate other Javascript frameworks using our generic framework patterns.

Source code

ElectricSQL is an open source project at github.com/electric-sql/electric. Check out the source code and development in progress there.


We have a community Discord where you can get support and ask questions: