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Typescript client

Install the electric-sql library and npx electric-sql generate your database Client.



Install the published TypeScript client and generator:

npm install electric-sql


The source code is in the clients/typescript subfolder of the electric-sql/electric repo.


Use the Generator command to generate a type-safe database client. First, make sure your sync service is running.

Then run:

npx electric-sql generate

By default this will connect to the sync service on http://localhost:5133 and output generated files to a ./src/generated/client folder.

See API -> CLI & Generator for the command-line options.

TypeScript strict mode

The generated type-safe client assumes that your TypeScript compiler will use strict mode for stronger correctness guarantees. Disabling it, or disabling similar checks like strictNullChecks, might lead to unexpected type errors - see the Zod requirements for more info.


The generator command outputs a database schema, type-safe database client and bundled SQL migrations. See Usage -> Data access -> Client for details on how to import and use these when instantiating a database client.

Pre-build script

You can wire up the generator to run every time you build your app by adding a prebuild script to your package.json:

"scripts": {
"prebuild": "npx electric-sql generate"
// ...

Watch mode

Or you can run the generator in --watch mode:

npx electric-sql generate --watch

This monitors the sync service to pick up on database schema changes and automatically re-generate the client whenever the DDL schema or DDLX rules change.