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Welcome Andrei and Oleksii!

· One min read
Purva Gujar

We're excited to share that Electric is now backed by Andrei Miulescu, and Oleksii Sholik has joined us as a founding engineer!

Andrei Miulescu is a highly experienced technical operator who's built a series of successful software companies. He's currently Co-Founder and CTO at the mobile ordering and payments platform Mr Yum and was previously CTO of cloud infrastructure company CloudHero.

We're thrilled to welcome Andrei on board and look forward to benefiting from his product vision and hard-won expertise in building and scaling software startups.

Oleksii Sholik has been one of the core contributors to the Elixir programming language and created notable Elixir libraries like Porcelain and Benchfella. He also has a wealth of professional experience working with Elixir and Postgres as a Tech Lead and Senior Engineer at companies like Contractbook and Packlane.

Oleksii joins as a Founding Engineer and will work on our core product and replication systems.

Welcome aboard, Andrei and Oleksii!