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Electric v0.10 released with shape filtering

· 3 min read

We've just published version 0.10 of Electric. This is the first release that properly supports where-clause and include-tree filtering with Shape-based sync.

It also adds data type support for byte arrays and blobs.

Shape filtering

Shapes are the key primitive in the Electric system for controlling what data syncs between the cloud and the local device.

Shape subscriptions are created using the sync() API, which targets a resource and association graph using where-clauses and an include-tree. However, prior to this release, the implementation of sync() was a placeholder that over-synced data and forced you to include all related tables.

Now, with v0.10, we've released shape filtering support that correctly filters rows by where-clause and include-tree. This allows you to use Shapes, as they were intended, to manage dynamic partial replication and optimise the data synced onto a local device.

What's changed?

The sync() API remains the same. For example:

const shape = await db.projects.sync({
where: {
id: "abcd",
include: {
issues: true

await shape.synced

However, in earlier releases, this would sync all rows in the projects and issues tables. Now, it will just sync the project with ID "abcd" and the issues that belong to it.

In addition, it's now also possible to pass an SQL string as the where clause for a shape definition. For example:

const { synced } = await electric.db.issues.sync({
where: "this.project_id in [7, 42]"

This exposes the implementation of shape sync from the underlying wire protocol, and in future will enable support for additional Postgres operators.

Full details of the SQL syntax permitted in a where clause can be found in the Shapes documentation.

Status — experimental

Shapes as released in v0.10 are still experimental. You can now use them to filter the content synced onto the local device. However, key aspects, including controlling sync off the device and unsubscribing are still not yet implemented.

You should also be aware that there is still some oversync (of many-to-one relations, in order to maintain referential integrity). See the limitations listed in the Shapes docs for more information.

Breaking changes

If you were previously relying on the temporary behaviour of Shape over-syncing, you may need to update your Shape definitions.

Blob support

We've added data type support for BYTEA columns, aka blobs. See the type documentation for more info. This unlocks support for apps that store large strings and/or files in the database.

It also unlocks support for databases like CozoDB that persist data using SQLite blobs. With this release, you can now use Electric to sync Cozo between users and devices, turning it into a multi-user, realtime relational-graph-vector database:

k BLOB primary key,


Bug fixes and more

Every new release of Electric includes bug fixes and small improvements. For a full list of updated components see Release notes.