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Electrify, Ignition, Liftoff!

· 2 min read

ElectricSQL was selected by Intel as one of 10 startups to participate in batch #6 of it's Intel Ignite accelerator programme in Munich.

It's a unique opportunity and our thanks go to Alois, Kate, Markus and Martha on the programme team. We'd also like to thank our mentors Ralph, Karl, Benny and of course, the amazing Diego.

The network around Ignite is unique and the other companies in the batch were all, without exception, exceptional. Doing everything from building fusion power reactors to next-generation chip manufacturing:

  • Deep Detection – high speed, multispectral analysis technology
  • Dotphoton – massive-scale data processing and compression
  • FononTech – impulse printing of 3D interconnects for vertical chips
  • Giskard – testing and QA framework for AI
  • Proxima Fusion – actually building stellarator fusion plants
  • Quantum Diamonds – quantum sensing for semiconductors
  • Semron – high-density edge AI inference chip
  • SuperDuper – bringing AI to the database
  • Zerve – reinventing data science collaboration

It was a privilege to be in the room.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration through the Intel Liftoff programme, where we plan to integrate our local-first sync engine with the Intel oneAPI stack to power the next generation of local RAG applications running on Intel's vision of the AI PC.

Sometimes you experience the world changing around you. Other times you have an opportunity to be that change. With the Intel Ignite programme, the change is all around you. If you're a deep tech startup in Europe, we highly recommend that you apply.