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ElectricSQL hosted the first "Local-first Software London" meet-up

· 4 min read
Sam Willis

Last Thursday, the Electric team was excited to host the first Local-first Software London meet-up. It was a really successful evening, and it was brilliant to meet so many people from the Local-first movement in person, many of whom had travelled to London for the React Advanced conference on Friday.

We had a great turn out for the meet-up, both in person, and from those joining in via the livestream. We were delighted that the speakers we'd asked to join us accepted our invitation, and we were treated to an evening of interesting and enthusiastic presentations from each. Our guest speakers are all leaders from across the broad spectrum of Local-first projects and products. We are grateful to all of them for contributing to this first meet-up, and for further taking the time to answer follow-up questions from the attendees after each talk.

Recordings of each of the evening's presentations are embedded below, and also available in this playlist on YouTube.

If you are interested in attending the next meet-up, please join the Guild to stay up to date with information about future events.

Here at Electric we're keen to help organise future meet-ups, both in London and elsewhere, so if you are interested in hosting, or helping to organise the next one, please get in touch with Sam. We have also worked with to create a Local-first Network for organising meet-ups in other cities.


Brief welcome and introduction to the event by organiser Sam Willis of ElectricSQL.

Everything's better with Friends - PartyKit

Sunil Pai delivers a talk on PartyKit and how to use it to build real-time into your apps.

Secsync - End to end encryption for CRDTs

An overview of Secsync - an end to end encryption system for CRDTs by Nik Graf

DDLX - Permissions for Local-first sync

Paul Harter talks about the permission system built for ElectricSQL.

DXOS - Realtime collaborative application

Rich Burdon introduces DXOS, a platform for building collaborative real-time application.

The Local-first Web Development online meet-ups

We also want to give a shout out to Local-first Web Development and their incredible monthly online meet-ups. They have hosted eight events so far, each with brilliant talks by contributors building a whole host of varied and interesting products.

The next online meetup is Tuesday, October 31 at 11:00 AM EST, so do make sure to visit to join in.

Future plans

In addition to our guest-speakers on the night, we've had a number of other Local-first community members reach out to offer their own ideas for presentations, which unfortunately we did not have the space on the schedule for this time around. This shows just how much excitement and interest there is in Local-first right now, and it would be great to see future meet-ups taking place in order to showcase further ideas and products in the making. If you're as keen as we are to make these meet-ups a regular event then do get in touch with Sam if you have interest in hosting or helping to organise another.